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College Bound Skills Camp

March 18, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia

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Calling all high school juniors and seniors

The Cheer HBCU Combine is bringing tryout prep for college bound and high school juniors and seniors.

Join us to clean up your current skills and gain new skills before you hit the mat at college tryouts.


College coaches, trainers as well as current & alumni HBCU cheerleaders will help you build your technique and form of stunt, tumbling and jumps. They will also teach and perfect game day materials and sidelines skills.

Camp begins at 10 am sharp and concludes at 3 pm. Snacks and refreshments will be available throughout the day. All athletes need to pack a light lunch.

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We have what you need!

This camp will be taught by highly experienced & skilled instructors that are sure to help mold you into top candidates for college tryouts.

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Coach Floyd

Southern University Head Coach

Director & Head Coach of Bayou Athletics

Coach Justin

Tennessee State University Coach

Former TSU Cheerleader

Coach Frank

Owner & Head Coach of Flip City South

Advance Tumbling Instructor

Backhandspring Instructor

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